Yo! I'm Devin and this is a podcast dedicated to helping designers and clients better understand design using an alternative way of thought.



Ep #14: I'm listening, but not listening (An Episode With my Fiance)

Today, I present to you a podcast from a partner's perspective. My girlfriend (now my fiance) explains how she hears things from me, and I explain them in a way that she understands. Get ready for laughs, happiness, ups & downs, and a lot more laughs. We had fun recording this episod...

Ep #13: Web Design Vs Web Development

Hey everyone! The difference between web design & web development isn't as apparent as one thinks it is. Design and Development are not interchangeable although it does seem that way. James Welbes of Cedar Rapids Web Design helps explain how the two differ and why you need both. James...

Ep #12: Design. Explain It Like I'm 5

Hey everyone! This episode is about (you guessed it) how design works! I want everyone to have a simple understanding of design. That was the inspiration for this episode. Also, there's a dad joke about whales. In light of COVID-19, I'm helping people out with their sites. If you hav...

Ep #11: A Maker's Perspective On Design

Today We're talking with Morgan Adams from Kendrick Forest Products about how designing for a company that makes things impacts her career and her design flow. I'm so glad to have her on the show! She's a photographer, graphic designer, and a hell of a person. You can follow her on Insta...

Ep #10: Logo Design

There’s a ton that goes into designing logos. Placement, colors, ideas and creative expression are just a few. We’re gonna be talking about the design and branding process. Basically, how a logo is made, and what goes into a logo. Essentially, a logo is a representation of a brand. It en...

Ep #9 Workflows & Routines

Everyone wants to get things done. Sometimes we do get it done and sometimes we don't. As people, we all sometimes fall off the spectrum of productivity. I'm here to help with that. Taking the time out to build a workflow and routine for your days/months/years is essential for keeping on...

Ep #8: How Branding Can Help Guide Creativity /W Laura Beauparlant from Lab Creative

In this episode, we talk about branding, guidance on graphic design, and so much more. Award winning speaker and expert graphic designer Laura Beauparlant from Lab Creative lends her knowledge about how branding and design go hand in hand. She also talks about her book, "Brand Chemistry"

Ep #7: Why a Website Is Important W/ Raphael Robertson

Yo guys! In this episode, we talk more about websites and why you need them. Raphael Robertson of Robertson Marketing & Branding has a lot to weigh in on in this episode. Together, we explain why websites are valued in the industry of business. Robertson Marketing & Branding: https://rob...

Ep #6: How I Design a Website

So you guys asked, and I listened. This episode about my process. I explain the do's and don'ts of what I do, and how I do it! I also go into detail about CMSs and more. Also shoutout to WordPress Developer James Welbes! He's a WordPress developer and a great one at that!

Ep #5 The Creative Question Contest!

Thanks you guys for anticipating this! Here's the creative question contest! I polled you guys for questions about design. In this episode, I answer those questions in as much detail as possible. I also announce the winner! If you're the winner, reply to the email that was sent out an...

Trailer: The Creative Question Contest

Enter to win a copy of Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo! Click here to enter and view the rules: https://devingreen.me/fm/contest

Ep #4 - Product Design W/ Kurt Poorman

We're back with another episode! I didn't know much about product design so I wanted to get someone industrial to talk about it. Kurt Poorman of Tallawah Works is that person! Sit back while we talk about the ins and outs of product design and how It's synonymous with all forms of design...

Ep #3: Content + Design. Why Both Are Important w/ Jennie Morton

Hey guys! I'm back with another episode talking about my favorite subject! Content! I felt that I needed a little help with this so I decided to bring Jennie Morton of Herringbone Freelance along to help explain why both of those things co-relate together. We met at Yoimono to talk...

Ep #2 Clean Design w/ Adam Feller of Avidity Creative

This episode talks about how clean design can make you and your clients a great product. On this episode, we have Adam Feller, Owner of Avidity Creative and Owner of The Food Business Podcast.

Ep #1: Designing From A Client Perspective

The very first episode of The Innovative Creative Design Podcast! This podcast is a short explanation of how you can design from a clients perspective instead of your own. If you like this podcast, Subscribe! More on the way!

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